I was there

for the birth of The Moon

I was there

when the prosaic dark of night

broke into a grin

She came, a poet

great seductress of the seas

to a world unready

as it will ever be

Won’t you linger your gaze

above the mountain stream

this misty, Autumn night

strung-up, hovering,

a shrouded cloak of white

While lovers bathe

in each other’s gaze

as the pendulum-swings

on misspent youth

She shines,

can you see?

She shines

for those awake

I was a child, I was dancing

on top of the hill, with shoes of gold

a mind so young but a heart so old


they took me to the river, and dipped me in

then they took me to the sea, and threw me in

to see if I’d swim


I’ve just awoke, now on the mountain

voices calling, where I used to live

Oh, what I would not give

Boarding this old writing train…

Boarding the old writing train, once again.
Departing: 14.06.
Heading south and bound for glory.
Arriving: Don’t hold your breath.

I take a seat with a view.
It’s funny how it’s always the same journey but forever different views.
I could look at the same chair a hundred times and each time it would appear different,
redesigned somehow, to fit with my ephemeral gaze.
I am not a creature of habit but I sometimes indulge in reading the same book more than once.
Because the view changes.

My current view: I’m sat cross-legged on a cushion eating more Asda ‘Smart Price’ chocolate than I care to confess.
Ryan is listening to some heavy jazz, downstairs and the smoke from a freshly lit joss stick dances around with the breeze coming through my window.
It’s all very pleasant.

Another pleasant view I had recently:
Sacred Trinity Church, Salford.
A harp. A viola. A mandolin.
Me, centre stage. Guitar in hand, shine in eyes.
Heart at one with voice.
A full, beautiful crowd of friends and family and some strangers thrown in for good luck.
A quick look down, just in front of my feet and I see Khinezar, ‘Greek Nick’ and Dalya (amongst others) sprawled across a giant beanbag. Basking in the church setting.
A success, I would say. All round.
My support acts were (but always were going to be) beautiful.
Calum Muir, a thick Scottish accent dancing in step with his elegant yet intricate melodies, played sweetly on his electric guitar.
And Limerance. None other than my wonderful brother Cal and the equally wonderful Jen. Weaving together in comforting and nostalgic harmony.
Choosing a favourite moment, I’d have to pick my rendition of Neil Young’s ‘Helpless’ which I chose in case of an encore.
I got everyone involved. Harmonies all around, bouncing off the walls of the church, leaving me quite (and forgive me here) helpless.

And hey, my EP has been birthed. Alive and kicking!
If you fancy a copy, lookee here:

I plan to document this train ride quite regularly, so if you’re into it.
Take a seat and look out for my next view!

EP launch photos…

Press Release

Caitlin Gilligan - The Painter and the Sky EP

Caitlin Gilligan releases her first physical EP on Friday 28th April, via Moon Child Records. The follow-up to 2016’s internet only Moon Child EP, The Painter &The Sky shows off a more mature side to Gilligan’s lyrics. Coupled with lush strings, the result is eighteen-minutes of dreamy Celtic folk-music, best listened to as darkness replaces light. Recorded at north Manchester’s Limefield Studio, with Andrew Glassford at the controls, Gilligan called on the help of some of her young Manchester-based friends, as well as harmonica-player extraordinaire, Clive Mellor, best known for his work with Richard Hawley.

As I Walked Out is inspired lyrically by bursts of poetry and various old folk songs. “I managed to piece together a dreamy story about drinking, love and loneliness.” explains Gilligan. “It’s also about the power of the imagination and how when you’re lonely, sometimes your mind can drift away into the clouds.” Cello and violin compete for supremacy, beneath Gilligan’s soothing vocal. In The Traveller a young girl falls in love with a gypsy boy, a traveller, who teaches her to love the world around her but also makes her realise that sometimes the purest form of love is ephemeral and bound to fade. And that’s okay. Mellor’s bass harmonica is startling on first listen, whilst the mandolin provides the perfect accompaniment to the doubletracked vocal.

The character of Nora Lee in Sweet Nora-Lee is partly inspired by the Woody Guthrie song Hesitating Beauty, where he begs his lover to quit thinking too much and just be happy. “My song speaks of the part of me that is constantly hesitating to travel, to be happy, to do what I want.” Mellor’s harmonica was done in one take; such is his ability to feel his way through a song.

The title track draws comparison to Nick Drake’s Cello Song, whilst avoiding pastiche and comparison’s to Drake’s Five Leaves Left album can be felt throughout the four tracks on The Painter &The Sky.”It came from somewhere inside me but even I find it hard to define. It’s gotta be about love. When love’s got you feeling down and out and blue as the sky, it leaves you floating through life. To reflect this feeling, this song is like bobbing along on a gusty breeze. Steady, but increasingly traumatic.” Pretty harp is the perfect contrast to the bass notes of the cello, as the EP completes its mesmerising journey.

The Painter &The Sky is released on CD and digital formats on Friday 28th April 2017.
Purchase CD here: The Painter & The Sky


1. As I Walked Out 4:22
2. The Traveller 4:12
3. Sweet Nora-Lee 4:16
4. The Painter & The Sky 5:22

All songs written and composed by Caitlin Gilligan

Press quotes

‘…she, like a siren of the sea, draws you into an intimate, and enchanting performance.’ Fringe Culture Blog

‘Turn your radio up, close your eyes and breathe in this record. Sublime.’ ALLFM

Live shows

27.04.2017 The Painter &The Sky EP launch show
Sacred Trinity Church, Salford

Debut EP Moon Child

The response to my EP so far has been amazing and heartwarming.
Your support means more to me than you will ever know.
In case you missed my post yesterday my debut EP ‘Moon Child’ is completely free or you can just pay what you want for it. (See below)
Now I’m looking forward into 2016, which promises to be a very exciting year!
I wish you all a warm, merry and music-filled 2016 because let’s not forget…music is sacred.
C xx

P.S. You can also stream the whole EP on my soundcloud page: