It’s hard to get to sleeping when your head is buzzing around.

I tried to write a new song, but my confidence is whack – as ever! It may get better in time. I did a wee recording of it on my iPhone so I can return with a fresh brain.

Write apathetic, edit sober… that’s the saying, right?

I will show you, in time. It may be a good one.

I went busking the other day, on a sort of whim. It turned out to be the most enjoyable day I’ve had in a long time. A lovely street artist, by the name of Elton Darlo sketched me playing in St Ann’s Square. Soon to be a painting.

I will post on here, if I come across the finished product.

I wish the moon was full. There is no nicer feeling when you can’t sleep than to leave my curtains open and let the dappled moonlight bathe my body. I meditate myself into a near-sleep state. It’s the best I can do in these situations.


Tomorrow I am off to Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival in Scotland.

Bye for now.

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