I often row the river fair

I often row the river fairand softly talk to the evening airbut as the creeks and cracks aligna different heart-to-heart I findhidden in the ruffled oakthe lonely heron starts to croaka messenger from winds awayhe sings away, in perfect play And look again beneath the glassthe tiny, streaming stars amassfrom phosphorescent gleaming glowto feather from […]


I live on a very old, very leaky boat. Well it’s more like a curvaceous tree house right now but it is. A boat. Or will be again, one day soon. I like to call her Maggie, and imagine her like an old Herring lassie of Scotland’s east coast. I imagine her hard as the […]

Song of the Wandering Aengus

I recently shot this session in the belly of my 1930s sail ship, The Mhaighdean Mhara. Filmed by the charming Isaac Ockenden. It’s a childhood memory song. I remember my mother reciting this to me throughout my younger days. It conjures mysticism and faery folk and tales of old Ireland.

Salt Crystals

Salt crystals settle on my clothes my hair, my skin wind-whipped eye-lashes open ajar only to shut as the next squall hits When I breathe I inhale unknown sorcery older than the tree that floats us but young enough to play with straying minds And looking down I see white horses bucking beneath the foam […]


I thought it was the last time I would go to my circle on the hill, with the jagged pillar of thunderous oak, guiding my gaze for a mile or three was it lightning, Oak, that tore your brilliance down and reduced it to solemnity? The artistic grace of the Galloway skyline lectures me on […]

I’ve heard your heart is for taking and all I need is this night if I leave, don’t get a fright I’m just a bird, passing in flight. Your eyes are slate grey in the light of early dawn sitting with a tender heart and a hand reaching out for morning. If I may, I’ll […]

If you look closely, you can see the child I was before the city. Manchester is what flung me into adulthood. Before this, I had no idea how many people there were in this world. So secluded was I, tucked up in the South-Western corner of Scotland, that I spent most of those seventeen years […]

Entry: 16th November 2018

I’ve got the solitude I craved. I gave up everything just for a slice of the peace of mind I once had. There is a new sky above me, a new ground beneath my feet and the postman calls with unknowing beauty. No television makes for wonderful meditation. I can hear words start to have […]

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