Boarding the old writing train, once again.
Departing: 14.06.
Heading south and bound for glory.
Arriving: Don’t hold your breath.

I take a seat with a view.
It’s funny how it’s always the same journey but forever different views.
I could look at the same chair a hundred times and each time it would appear different,
redesigned somehow, to fit with my ephemeral gaze.
I am not a creature of habit but I sometimes indulge in reading the same book more than once.
Because the view changes.

My current view: I’m sat cross-legged on a cushion eating more Asda ‘Smart Price’ chocolate than I care to confess.
Ryan is listening to some light jazz, downstairs and the smoke from a freshly lit joss stick dances around with the breeze coming through my window.
It’s all very pleasant.

Another pleasant view I had recently:
Sacred Trinity Church, Salford.
A harp. A viola. A mandolin.
Me, centre stage. Guitar in hand, shine in eyes.
Heart at one with voice.
A full, beautiful crowd of friends and family and some strangers thrown in for good luck.
A quick look down, just in front of my feet and I see Khinezar, ‘Greek Nick’ and Dalya (amongst others) sprawled across a giant beanbag. Basking in the church setting.
A success, I would say. All round.
My support acts were (but always were going to be) beautiful.
Calum Muir, a thick Scottish accent dancing in step with his elegant yet intricate melodies, played sweetly on his electric guitar.
And Limerence. None other than my own brother Cal and the wonderful Jen. Weaving together in comforting and nostalgic harmony.
Choosing a favourite moment, I’d have to pick my rendition of Neil Young’s ‘Helpless’ which I chose in case of an encore.
I got everyone involved. Harmonies all around, bouncing off the walls of the church, leaving me quite (and forgive me here) helpless.

And hey, my EP has been birthed. Alive and kicking!
If you fancy a copy, lookee here:

I plan to make document this train ride quite regularly, so if you’re into it.
Take a seat and look out for my next view!

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