hello hello my child of snow you arrived as I grew cold but with you with you little dancing shoes and a silver ribbon bow I grew warm grew warm as i heard you laugh and did you hear my heart sing i know i know you’re just aflow like the river through my heart […]

02:51am It’s hard to get to sleeping when your head is buzzing around. I tried to write a new song, but my confidence is whack – as ever! It may get better in time. I did a wee recording of it on my iPhone so I can return with a fresh brain. Write apathetic, edit […]

A Whisper of Light

It’s my pleasure to share with you a live video of my new song ‘A Whisper of Light’ shot by the wonderful Sycamore Aerial Film and Photography. It was a super lovely day spent rambling through fields of snow in the winter sun. I sincerely hope you like the result. Much love, Cx

I was there for the birth of The Moon I was there when the prosaic dark of night broke into a grin She came, a poet great seductress of the seas to a world unready as it will ever be Won’t you linger your gaze above the mountain stream this misty, Autumn night strung-up, hovering, […]

I was a child, I was dancing on top of the hill, with shoes of gold a mind so young but a heart so old   they took me to the river, and dipped me in then they took me to the sea, and threw me in to see if I’d swim   I’ve just […]

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